Custom Boutonniere

Order Your Custom Boutonniere

People interested in a custom boutonniere can find options that will impress and add something special to a wedding event. When customers order your custom boutonniere from Timeless Moments, they can expect a truly unique and polished look that accentuates any special day. Please stop by our gallery posted on the website featuring examples of boutonniere and bouquet options for weddings. Before creating a custom boutonniere, our expert will have a one-on-one consultation with the client to outline expectations and get detailed information about the customized piece. To learn more about the options we currently offer or get started with a customized order, please visit the Contact page and directly reach out to us. We want to help create lasting memories by providing beautiful, unique pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

Lapel pins add a special touch to any formal occasion, especially weddings, and can become a special heirloom or special memento to pass down to future generations. At Timeless Moments we strive to provide our customers with beautifully customized products that accentuate their special day and allow them to have treasured keepsakes for years to come. We invite you to browse through the selection of products and services we currently offer. Our goal is to offer beautiful and high-quality pieces designed to suit the client's tastes. When ordering from our website, a representative will consult with the client to determine their individual preferences, expectations, and options. Once we have decided on an approach, we will create an incredible product or design that provides a lasting memory of the special event.