Houston, TX, USA

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I'm Gabriele Simpson. Owner & Designer.

Timeless Moments was created with every bride in mind. The idea originated when planning my very own special day. I quickly learned just how expensive weddings were. I couldn’t understand why I was spending all of this money just to throw everything away after only enjoying it for a few hours. I wanted something more than just pictures to remember my wedding day by. So I designed my very first bouquet for probably my most critical bride to date…me. After that I got so many compliments and decided I needed to critique my craft and see if there were any other brides out there like me. What I found out was there were several brides that wanted a handmade bouquet but for their own unique reasons.

Some brides had loved ones that had passed away, but couldn’t imagine their special day without them. So we came up with a way to incorporate something sentimental in the bouquet. There’s the bride that isn’t fond of mom’s old dress but wants to make her feel special so we took a small piece of the dress and made it the star of the bouquet. We’ve had brides that loved the look of real flowers but hated that they had to die; so we created a beautiful bouquet using latex real to touch flowers that she’ll have for a life time. And of course we’ve seen the over the top bride that needs to shine from head to toe; even in her bouquet.

It’s been so exciting to get to know each bride individually and help them make their wedding day complete. Our process is speedy and stress free! 





"Even though I've been daydreaming of my wedding day since childhood, I never imagined my greatest dilemma would be choosing between real flowers and a custom made bouquet that I could actually keep! I'm not into preserving real flowers, but I was about to take the plunge until I ran across Timeless Moments online. The detail and unique designs piqued my interest. Gabby was very understanding of my skepticism and took the extra time to assure my satisfaction. Now, a year later, my bouquet is just as beautiful as it was the day I walked down the aisle. It was the focal point of my table at my first year Anniversary celebration. I just wanted to give a shout-out and credit where it is due. Way to go Timeless Moments! "

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